Looking for a unique party spot in Tokyo?

Easy to sit !
Put down your leg under the table.

Yakatabune is suitable for any party occasion !

Take a look at Yakatabune (Japanese Old-fashioned Houseboats)
that operate all year round on the Tokyo waterfront.
Enjoy beautiful views of Rainbow Bridge and other Tokyo landmarks,
dining on a tempura and Japanese cuisine.

Advanced Reservations Only Please.
 Price:   JPY 10,800 per person (including tax and service charge)
  Minimum booking of 20 people for a party (charter boat).
 Includes:   Tempura dinner (prawn, fish, vegetable, and others,) and free
  drinks, beer, whiskey, shocyu spirits, sake (Japanese rice wine),
  and soft drinks.
 Time:   You can choose the departure time, from 12:00 to 19:00.
  2 hours 30 min cruising..
 Course:   Shinagawa - (25min) - Daiba <60min.anchor> - (20min) -
  Sumida River- (10min) - Eitai bridge on Sumida River -
  (20min) - Rainbow bridge- (15min) - Shinagawa
 Facilities:   Toilet (Western style), Karaoke (no charge),
  Air conditioned in summer, heated in winter.
  Horigotatsu-chairs (6 boats),Chairs(1 boat)
  Llifesaving devices as required by Japanese law.

Why don't you join us?

Enjoy tempura and Karaoke.
Relax here with a wonderful view of Tokyo Bay !

Tempura Dinner Menu
 Zensai (appetizers)
 Sashimi-Funamori (assorted slices of raw seafood)
    Special selection of raw seafood, (tuna,squid,shrimp,scallop, etc)
 Tempura (deepfried fish and vegetables,very popular Japanese food)
    Ebi (fresh prawn), Ika (squid), Anago (sea eel), Kisu,(a kind of white fish),
    and vegetables, (pumpkin, eggplant, mushroom, etc)
 Chirashi-zushi (food of the season topping on vinegard-rice)
 Noodle (Japanese noodle), Salad, fruit, Japanese pickles
 Free drinks beer, whiskey, shocyu spirits, wine, Japanese sake, and soft drinks

For an extra charge, Japanese musical instruments players
and hostesses wearing traditional Japanese Kimono can be arranged.

We also hold a Noriai-boat (boarding together in same boat) every month.
Minimum booking of 2 people. (advanced reservation only)
*It is a nonregular service.
Noriai-boat Schedule(Japanese)

We also have a Western-style cruising boat.

JPY 10,800 per person (including tax and service charge)
Including party meal and free drinks.
Minimum booking of 20 people for charter. (max 46 people)
No Noriai-boat.

 Address   1-16-8 Kita-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0001
 Nearest Station   JR Shinagawa Station 13 min.walk or 5min.by taxi
  Keihinkyuko line Kitashinagawa Station 8min.walk
 Tel   03-5479-2731 (Sorry ! Japanese only !)
 Operating Hours   10:00-19:00 (Reservation)
 Regular Holidays   7days open (except end of years and new years)

31 days before free
30-22 days before 20%
21-8day before 30%
7-1day before 50%
On the day 100%